How to Download Software from Sofatic?

How to Download Software from Sofatic?

How to Download Software From Sofatic:

How to Search Software

There is a search field given at the top of the home page. Enter the name of the software that you wish to search for, and Sofatic will show that software to you.

How to Download

Once you click the software you wish to download, the download button is provided on the right side of the software page. Clicking the download button will start your download.

What is a direct download, and how to use Direct Download?

The direct download allows you to download the software you want directly without intermediate torrenting applications.

What is a Torrent? How Do I download torrent files?

A Torrent file is a way to download software easily. Moreover, it can resume download if it gets paused due to anything.

You need a Torrent Client (Like Utorrent or BitTorrent) to download Torrent files. You can download a torrent by double-clicking the torrent file. The download will start in Utorrent. You can find torrent files for your desired software here on Sofatic.

What if the downloaded file is a ZIP file?

You don’t have to be worried in that case. You just have to extract the files and install the software you downloaded. 

What is a Portable Download? How does Portable work?

Portable Download is primarily open source files. In the case of portable software, you have to extract the downloaded ZIP file, and you’re ready to use the software, with no need for any installation.