Volume Booster - Equalizer & Bass & Loudspeaker v13.1.10.5 Premium Free download

Overview of Volume Booster APK for Android

Volume booster is an app that lets you adjust the volume of certain sounds on your smartphone. This means you can adjust the volume of calls, alarms, and notifications, independently of each other. As a result, you can reduce the volume of the phone to a minimum, but keep the volume of notifications or alarms high.This program is a free and user-friendly equalizer sound booster for Android phone, can give you the perfect sounds effect experience.

Moreover, Volume Booster is an app, though it does not allow you to raise the volume of your device beyond technical possibilities, allowing you to customize your audio settings.

In addition, you can set up a suitable sound effect for your phone sound system, make all the sounds much clearer and stronger by this Volume Booster free App.you cancustomize volume settings, with the Support Volume you can change the vibration mode with just a tap. You can also create different sound profiles depending on whether you use headphones or not.

Features of Volume Booster App

  • Stereo surround sound effect
  •  Bass booster effect
  • Equalizer Sound Booster free