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Overview of Money Lover APK for Android

Money Lover app to manage your finances simply and intuitively. You can add expenses (or income) to any day of the month with just a tap. You can also add costs for any day or month that has already passed. This app is the best option for solving all your matters.

Moreover, it was developed by a group of millennials first to solve their money management & budgeting issues. You can set some valuable parameters in these setup options: the amount of money you will be working on, anyway, and the date you want to put it as the first day of the month. You can also choose which month you want to set as the year's first month.

In addition, one of the most vital points for Money Lovers is that it allows you to see different graphs of your expenses. Thanks to this feature you can see how much money you have spent on days, how often you spend more money on it, and more exciting information. You need to be consistent and use this app often to make the graphs make sense and valuable.

Features of Money Lover App

  • Money Management
  • Reporting
  • Budgeting

All-in-one financial management app, including tracking, budgeting etc

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    March 24th, 2022
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